Garment Construction Program

The Garment Construction Program is a series of 8 Study Units designed to give students hands-on practice with the core skills that will allow them to make garments from start-to-finish on their own. In each unit we will focus on one core skill and students will practice making a garment from start to finish which utilizes that skill. At the end of the 8 units students will be very independent, intermediate-level sewers!

The units are designed to progress in the following order:

  1. Casings
  2. Waistbands
  3. Gathering
  4. Darts, pleats and ruffles
  5. Zippers
  6. Collars
  7. Sleeves
  8. Buttonholes

Our first meeting for each unit will be lecture, demonstration, to choose a pattern for the class project and calculate fabric requirements.

Then students will reserve Garment Construction Hours to work on their unit project from start to finish.

When you pay the tuition for each study unit a discount code will be sent to you that you can use to reserve 10 hours for completing your unit project.

Materials are included in tuition. You are welcome to choose patterns and fabric from my pattern library and fabric stash. Or, of course, you may buy your own. Pattern photos shown on the class descriptions are samples only, you can choose any pattern that meets the class criteria.

Garment Construction Program

Hope to see you around the Studio soon!