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102 Machine Sewing Basics - Circle Skirt

102 Machine Sewing Basics - Circle Skirt

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Machine Sewing Basics

Review the basics of how to thread & use a sewing machine and use a pattern to construct a garment. We'll prepare you for some of the common mistakes beginners make and learn how to catch/avoid them.

In this class we will make a circle skirt.

You will use my step-by-step instructions to make your own pattern for this project. They're designed to teach visually how the 3-dimensional body is captured in a 2-dimensional pattern. Along the way we'll be learning some basics of how to check that any pattern is going to fit your unique body!

Basic sewing supplies are included in the materials fee.

Students will separately need to buy 2.5 yards of fleece or flannel (2 yds for children) for this project.

Prerequisites: 101 Machine Sewing Basics

Ages 9 and up.

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