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Hand Sewing Circle - All Ages Welcome!

Hand Sewing Circle - All Ages Welcome!

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Hand Sewing Lessons

Let's travel back in time and learn hand sewing with Mary P. Frances and the Thimble People!  We will read parts of the story and complete several of the lessons from this turn-of-the-century book written to teach children how to sew by hand. 

Along the way students will be exposed to many stitches used in embroidery - like needlepoint, cross stitch and open work.  They will also learn techniques for finishing off garments that are used by couture sewers - like French seams, hand-sewn button-holes and how to properly sew on lace.

Progress as little or as much as you like through the world of hand-sewing and embroidery. This class can be repeated as often as you like. Through the first few lessons in the book, we will learn our stitches, make a stitch sampler, a sewing pouch and use a pattern to make a nightgown or night-shirt for a doll or stuffed animal. If you keep coming to complete all the lessons in this text, you would have an amazing, hand-sewn wardrobe for an 18" doll!


This class is tutoring for whoever shows up and is charged at $20/hour (minimum 2 hours, $40). 

Parents can drop off their kids and have a date night while they’re children learn to sew!


All ages welcome.

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