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Studio Dawnatella

Chunky Silver Rings

Chunky Silver Rings

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Join us for a crafty evening at Studio Dawnatella.  We will be using impression dies to make Chunky Sterling Silver Rings!

All the materials will be prepared to guide you through a night of creation, learning and fun! You will cut silver, use a hydraulic press, use a jeweler's saw & files to create a unique piece and some great memories. Leave with a beautiful sterling silver ring and the satisfaction of saying, "I made it myself!"

Make it a date night! Bring a friend, child or significant other and make a night of it. 

We will serve light snacks and beverages. You are welcome to door dash to the studio and BYOB. (The wine store next door Vinous Reverie closes at 6)

The rings you see are all stamped with Impression dies using our genuine PotterUSA hydraulic press. Kevin Potter at PotterUSA collects and preserves impression dies from all over the world and reproduces them for use today. So you're even participating in history making jewelry with these historic die reproductions. 

Prerequisites: None 

Ages 12 and up.


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