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Studio Dawnatella

Knitting and Crochet

Knitting and Crochet

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Join us for a class where you will learn the basics of Knitting and Crochet - they are related! Both use looped yarn to create a fabric we can make garments with.

We will go over the steps on how to start a project using both crafts and students will choose one to focus on in making their first project.

Those who choose the crochet track will learn to make grannie squares and assemble them into a finished creation of your choice.

Those who choose the knitting track will make a scarf.

Those who have experience in either craft will choose a project from our extensive library of patterns, learn to read their pattern and follow it to work their project in a fun, supportive, tutoring environment.

Please repeat the class as many times as you like to learn both of these fun crafts that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

 Age 9 and up

Prerequisites: None

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