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Studio Dawnatella

101 Jewelry Making Basics

101 Jewelry Making Basics

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Jewelry Making Basis

This is an ongoing opportunity for beginning metalsmiths and jewelry artists to learn new skills and practice their craft. A new skill will be covered each session and we will review skills as needed, based on the projects students choose to work on.
Curriculum will be flexible to allow students the greatest freedom to follow their own creative muse and work on the projects and skills of interest to them in a supportive, tutoring environment.

Learn to use a variety of jewelry tools and basic techniques and let your creativity run wild!

Beading - stretch bracelets and crimped bracelets & necklaces

Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendants

Learn to saw and file to make your own rings, bracelets, pendants - whatever you desire!

Use a rolling mill, stamps and hydraulic press to add patterns to your metal.
Tools, copper wire, plastic beads and one 4x4 piece of brass or copper per session is provided.

Students can buy more materials at the studio or bring their own materials.

Ages 9 and up.

10% discount automatically given when you purchase 4 or more sessions

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